Assessing Pornography Addiction

The Assessing Pornography Addiction test was developed to help evaluate your level of involvement in pornography by exploring seven different areas associated with pornography use.

You’ll be asked questions to identify the extent that pornography is influencing your life. Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll be given a level of involvement and specific suggestions to help you.

Note: This assessment is intended for individuals who are actively viewing pornography and want to understand the seriousness of their behavior.

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SECTION 1: History of Involvement
1. How old were you when you were first introduced to pornography (magazines, Internet pornography, x-rated videos)?
2. How many times did you see pornographic material before age 18?
3. How many times would you estimate that you have viewed pornography in your life?
4. When viewing pornography (magazines, Internet, or videos), how much time will you spend during one episode?
5. In the last year, what is the frequency with which you have viewed pornography?
6. What percentage of time each day do you spend thinking or fantasizing about pornography or other sexual behaviors?
7. What is the longest period of time that you have gone without pornography in the last year?
8. In looking at your involvement in pornography on a scale between 1 and 7, how much influence is pornography having on your life, with one being very little and seven being very significant.
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SECTION 2: Intensity
9. I have experiences where my desire to view pornography is so strong that I will do almost anything to see it.
10. I find myself taking more and more risks as I view pornography (i.e. viewing in public, while on a bus, or at work).
11. I have a hard time focusing on tasks because my mind is preoccupied with sexual thoughts, images, or fantasies.
12. There are times while attending social events I find myself looking for someone who will act out with me sexually.
13. Pornography that I used to think was gross or sickening is now a common part of what I view.
14. If I don’t view pornography once I feel the desire to, I become restless.
15. In addition to pornography, there are other ways I sexually act out.
16. The sexual thoughts I have about women/men because of my involvement with pornography bother me.
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SECTION 3: Impulse Control
17. I have told myself many times that I am going to stop looking at pornography only to find myself looking at it again.
18. I constantly have sexual thoughts that run through my mind.
19. There are days where all of my free time is spent viewing pornography.
20. I have viewed pornography three or more times in the same day.
21. I believe I can stop looking at pornography any time.
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SECTION 4: Consequences
22. My involvement in pornography has created problems for me in my close relationships (i.e. spouse, parents, girl/boyfriend).
23. I view pornography knowing it could cost me my job or get me in trouble at school.
24. Viewing pornography has prevented me from advancing in my career/getting good grades
25. I hold back in relationships due to my involvement in pornography.
26. My use of pornography has limited my personal development.
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SECTION 5: Coping Strategies
27. When I am stressed I turn to pornography to cope.
28. Pornography calms my mind when I am feeling overwhelmed.
29. When I am bored I view pornography.
30. When I feel lonely I turn to pornography.
31. My mind races so fast that I turn to pornography to calm myself down.
32. Viewing pornography stresses me out.
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SECTION 6: Mental Health
33. I feel down and empty due to my involvement with pornography.
34. I feel like my life is out of control when I view pornography.
35. My involvement with pornography makes me feel hopeless
36. I feel like I am a bad person when I view pornography.
37. I feel extremely guilty when I view pornography.
38. I am satisfied with my life.
39. I feel good about the things I am doing with my life.
40. For the most part, I am a happy person.
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SECTION 7: Support in the Past Year
41. I attend 12-step groups.
42. I talk with a sponsor.
43. I attend therapy.
44. I talk with a religious leader about my involvement in pornography.
45. I talk with my family members or friends about my involvement in pornography.
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SECTION 8: Behaviors
46. Have you paid for sex?
47. Have you watched someone in their home / apartment?
48. Have you had an affair?
49. Have you hooked up with someone for a sexual encounter?
50. Have you visited a topless bar?
51. Have you touched someone and claimed it was an accident?
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SECTION 9: Diagnoses
52. Have you been diagnosed with Anxiety?
53. Have you been diagnosed with ADHD?
54. Have you been diagnosed with Bipolor disorder?
55. Have you been diagnosed with Depression?
56. Have you been diagnosed with Narcissism?
57. Have you been diagnosed with PTSD?
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SECTION 10: Your Information
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