About the 7 Levels of Pornography Addiction Assessment

The Assessing Pornography Addiction test was developed to help evaluate your level of involvement in pornography by exploring seven different areas associated with pornography use. Areas include:

  • Your history — The extent of your involvement with pornography (current and past)
  • Intensity — The amount your mind is preoccupied with thoughts feelings, and emotions related to pornography. It also looks at how your involvement in pornography may have progressed over time. Finally, this section identified risks that you may be taking related to your obsession with pornography.
  • Impulse Control — This explores your ability to deal with cravings/temptations and the power that they have on you in difficult times.
  • Consequences — This identifies areas of your life that your involvement with pornography may have hurt or harmed in some way.
  • Coping Strategies — The extent that you turn to pornography to cope with challenges you face.
  • Mental Health — This explores how areas of your mental health (depression, loneliness, and guilt) are related to viewing pornography.
  • Overall Well-Being — The explores your overall level of happiness and life satisfaction.

You’ll be asked questions to identify the extent that pornography is influencing your life. Once you’ve completed your assessment, you’ll be given a level of involvement and specific suggestions to help you.

Note: This assessment is intended for individuals who are actively viewing pornography.